Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Don't Condone Ignorance and Bigotry...

But that doesn't mean anyone will change their ignorant, bigoted behavior.  People will continue to live how, and believe what, they choose. I can't change the behavior of others, I can, however, speak out against it. I have heard and read many a statement about homosexuality and gay marriage both in real life and on the www. It never takes a deep dig before I hear (or see) the statement: I don't condone homosexuality, but people have a right to live however they please. *snarf*
I am sure that homosexuals are ever so pleased that others (read: Christians) will allow them the right to live however they want. They were just waiting for that approval to carry on with their lives, I feel certain *sarcasm*. Seriously, ego/superiority/ignorance issues are at play in this attitude and it stinks.

Another lovely jewel of a statement that is invariably whipped out during these discussion is - if gay people are allowed to marry then what happens next?  What if someone wants to marry their dog? Come off it, please. What will happen? Does anyone seriously think that a person/dog union is anything close, in comparison, to two loving adults forming a legally recognized life together? How ignorant is he who believes it's the same? Not to mention insulting, to all LGBT in the country. It is demeaning and insulting, to each and every LGBT person who has fought hard to come out and to create an identity for themselves in this bigoted society, to compare their lives to deviants who have sex with animals. It doesn't even come close to being in the same ballpark, so save that 'what if'. It only makes you look like a fool.

I understand that Christian people have very strong views on both sides of the LGBT argument, as do I. My husband asked me one time why I am so passionate about LGBT issues-- I am not gay, nor are any of my close family members, so it's not like I have a personal interest in this particular fight. The reason is simple-- I feel a need to speak out against injustice and subjugation, wherever it's found. I feel the majority has no right to oppress a minority group simply because they don't condone their lifestyle. It is not a matter of whether or not the majority agrees with the gay lifestyle, it is a matter of civil rights. No one has the right to bring to heel a minority group of people. Heterosexual, evangelical Christians are not masters of the universe, in control of everyone, and even if they were, they don't have the right to enslave others with their values. It just shouldn't work like that.

I have grown so weary of the lame 'what ifs', and the same tired old arguments against homosexuality and gay marriage from my fellow Christians. I have heard all the arguments, so save them here, if you please. What people need to do is look and think outside their box. Believe it or not there are some devout, bible-believing people, like myself, who believe it's wrong to take away the rights of others, even LGBT. We follow Jesus' example. We don't harp on scripture and expect that the entire would bend to the standards set forth in the Bible. We are very happy to live and let live, even to love, and embrace those who are different, knowing that God is our one, only and final judge. What is so hard to understand about that?

We have to quit trying to fit God inside our own pea-brain sized box - he is way too big to be harnessed like that. He is so much more than just words on a page, in a book. If we never look beyond the words and get to the heart of God (Jesus), we will never grow. We will be stuck in a web of ignorance and judgment. If you are okay with being stuck, then so be it, continue being the same bigoted, ignorant person you've always been, but don't inflict your ignorance on others; keep it to yourself, the rest of us are trying to move forward.