Monday, March 31, 2008

I haven't updated my blog in a while. I have been concentrating on another site where I have been posting journals consisting of quotes from Christians. Sometimes the quotes are bible verses, sometimes they are quotes from inspirational Christian authors, speakers, etc. Still other times I will find a song that I think really has an important message. This is one that I posted last Friday. I wanted to share it here on my blog.

I was sitting here this morning, praying, reading and listening to music to find some inspiration for my quote journal this morning and this song hit me in the heart. This week has been one of 'those' weeks. Busy to the point of apathy and exhaustion, I ended up with a migraine yesterday (that is still a dull throb behind my left eye). Two of my sons bikes were stolen yesterday. The dogs have all of a sudden become unhousebroken. The house is a mess and my hubby is not happy (his threshold for mess is lower than mine). The list of the negative things that have been happening this week goes on. That is why this song spoke to me. It talks about the gift that is in each day. Whether you are a Christian or not you should be able to appreciate the promise that each new day holds. We can start out with the baggage of yesterday hanging around our neck like a noose, or we can shed the past and look toward today as an opportunity for new and positive things to happen in our lives. I choose to believe that my days are a gift from my God, he is with me through the trials and through the triumphs.
Today I choose to have a good day. I hope you do too.

Fernando Ortega
is an adult contemporary singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music. He is noted for his interpretations of traditional hymns and songs, such as "Give Me Jesus", "Be Thou My Vision", and many others, but also for writing clear and accessible songs, such as "This Good Day".
Ortega grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico near the banks of the Rio Grande. Through his father's work, he also spent time in Ecuador and Barbados. His family lived in Chimayo, NM for eight generations, which has been cited as an influence on his music. It is from his heritage and classical training at The University of New Mexico where Ortega derives his unique sound, embracing country, classical, Celtic, Latin American, world, modern folk and rustic hymnody. His brother Armando is frontman for the Latin-flavored, world music band Wagogo