Thursday, January 15, 2015

Natural Cold Sore Lip Balm

I hate cold sores!  Stress and, can bring them on at any time - annoying, they are. Today, I felt a cold sore coming up on my lower lip.

You don't need to spend a fortune on cold sore lip balm (the prices vary from $5 for a.25 oz tube to $15 for a .07 oz tube), I have to insert a disclaimer here -  I've never wanted to spend [even] $5 on a tube of lip balm, so I've never tried any of the commercial offerings.

Generally, I take L-lysine tablets as soon as I feel the familiar tingle of the blister coming on.  It will usually lessen the duration of the sore and keep it somewhat in check.

I got out my bottle of tablets today, after I had actually let it go past the stage of tingle to full-on blister (dumb, I know), and found I only had two L-lysine left - not nearly enough to do any good if taken internally.

Not to be deterred, and more importantly - not wanting to go to the store, I had a brainstorm:  Make my own lip balm.  I used only three ingredients (next time, I think I will be less rushed (read; desperate), and I will add beeswax to the mix):

1/4 oz Extra VirginCoconut Oil
2-3 drops Aura Cacia Medieval Essential Oil (same oils in the, much more expensive, Thieves Oil everyone raves about)
1/2 a 500 mg L-lysine tablet, crushed  

I have slathered it on a few times in the past couple of hours and the sore is noticeably smaller and less painful.  In fact, it's almost completely gone.

I'm not a maths person, so I have little idea exactly how much I spent, but it wasn't anywhere close to $5.