Friday, April 3, 2009

My Spawn

I don't talk about my kids all the time in my blog. I believe there is nothing more nauseating than a bragging parent. People just don't want to hear about all the great things someone elses' kids do all the time. Why would they? Usually if I want to discuss my kids I will talk to my husband or a handful of close friend and relatives who I know will at least nod and act like they care. Well, today is an exception because I am going to brag on my kids for a while. This post has no other purpose but to wax poetic about what wonderful kids I have.

I was at Kindergarten Round-up at our elementary school yesterday when a woman walked in to register her oldest child for kindergarten. She had her younger three in tow. This brought memories streaming back to me of the day I brought my daughter to register for kindergarten - with her three younger brothers in tow. I was back in the moment. That is until I watched how those kids behaved in contrast to the way mine behaved on that day nine years ago.

Those kids were out of control. Running, screaming, knocking books off of shelves and tossing blocks around the play area we had set up. I distinctly remember my kids that day. They did not act like that. My youngest was just a baby, not even walking yet. He giggled an laughed at various people who spoke to him. The middle two boys, who were 4 and 2-1/2 at the time, read books and drew pictures while we waited. They were well behaved kids even then. They knew the consequences for misbehaving in public.

I made a comment to one of the women I was working with about a frustrating incident with my daughter that day. She couldn't believe I was talking about my daughter. "Oh, she is an angel, all of your kids are so great." I couldn't help but agree with her. They are great kids. They save all of their frustration and irritation for me; that's as it should be. They know I am a safe haven for them to test the waters and vent their anger on. I like that they trust me that much. They know how to be respectful of other people and their property, though. They never got away with disregarding rules.

So, there you have it folks, from the mother of the four best kids in the world. Let me leave you with a couple of tidbits that I find inspiring as a mom.

Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn't have anything to do with it. ~Haim Ginott

If you want your children to improve, let them overhear the nice things you say about them to others. ~Haim Ginott

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. ~Chinese Proverb

When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out. ~Erma Bombeck

Good, honest, hardheaded character is a function of the home. If the proper seed is sown there and properly nourished for a few years, it will not be easy for that plant to be uprooted. ~George A. Dorsey

Hot dogs always seem better out than at home; so do French-fried potatoes; so do your children. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960