Monday, December 6, 2010

Ridiculous Vintage Ads

I was updating my Cafemom profile the other day, and I Googled - Vintage Christmas Ads because I wanted some unique, kitschy graphics.  I did find some good ones, but along the way, I also found some really ridiculous and sometimes offensive ads.  I decided to share some of them with you here on my blog.


Hotdog!  Santa brought a shotgun for everyone this year even little Junior there. 
My poor kids were deprived of Cola as babies. I hope they will be okay.  I never knew to start them out on it.
A friend who speaks French told me that, in part this next ad says - Good sausage of the giving pig.  All I can say is WTH?
If cola doesn't hit the spot with baby, try some beer. No, no, you don't feed it to them, that would just be wrong - you drink it yourself and then nurse the baby. See the difference?
Every woman needs to stay at home naked, on the floor, staring at shoes.  What?  They aren't good for much else are they?  Except maybe being barefoot and pregnant.
Santa did not ingest enough smoke from all of those chimneys he shimmied down on Christmas Eve, he needs a stash of cigarettes for his post-holiday-chill time. Wouldn't want him to develop throat -scratch.
When you are done canoodling naked with the shoes, best come get your lumps for ignoring everything else, including making sure you had the right coffee on hand. Shame on you, woman.
This one is just too disturbing for sarcasm.
Looks to me like after breakfast she is in the perfect position to *ahem* give him a little after breakfast treat. As she should be, of course.
Now guys, don't crowd, you will all get your turn with her.
I don't even understand this one.  Is he threatening to kill her for using too much postage?