Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reduce and Reuse for the Holidays

I am environmentally conscious (not to mention cheap) and I dislike all the waste that goes with holiday wrapping,
so I have been trying to figure out a way to wrap presents without all the paper. Even though it can be recycled in most cases, except for the foil kind, it still seems like a waste to me. Plus it costs a lot and every year I find myself frustrated and irritated trying to get neat corners and smooth packages, and don't even get me started on all those wasted odd bits of paper that won't cover a whole package but are too big too just throw out, so I save them hoping for a smallish package to wrap at some point.

I had fleeting thoughts of just using gift bags, but my kids are way too nosey - the presents would never make it until Christmas morning around here without being peeked at. I think I have now hit upon the perfect solution in pre-printed gift boxes. I figured out a way to wrap the presents inside while still preserving the box so that it can be used for a few more years before it goes to the recycling bin. I don't use any tape on the box itself. I couldn't just put the present inside and close the box because then my kids would just open the box when I was not looking and see what is inside. I also needed a way to tag the box without using any tape or stickers on the box. A little ingenuity was all that was required to wrap my packages.

I put the present inside the pre-printed box and then using ribbon I crisscrossed it in back of the box and looped it around to the other side.
Then I brought both sides around to the front and taped it all securely on the ribbon only, along with the gift tag.
Add a pre-made bow and presto!  A wrapped box that can be used again.