Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can you really make money on-line?

Here is my experience thus far answering that question:
I was reading my October 1, 2010 issue of Woman's Day magazine today when I came across an article about making money on-line.  Some of their suggestions were selling - either items or talent.  I have a few ideas germinating along these lines, but I, being ever the pragmatist, decided I wasn't ready to put forth the effort to launch a real on-line business at this point and so I tabled that idea until which time I can give it my full attention.  
No sense going half a$$ if I'm going to do it right?
The article also mentioned taking on-line surveys as a quick way to make a little cash.  They even listed 3 legitimate survey websites one can join to make money doing just that.  I figured - What the hell, I already spend way too much time on-line (shhh, it's a secret), I might as well make some money while I am sitting here.  
So, I go to sign up with some companies.  First I made a new email address so I wouldn't have to wade through all the survey stuff on my regular email address.
Then it was on to the survey companies.  The first one. MySurvey.com had a protracted amount of information to input just to sign-up.  Then I got to the end and it asked me to pick a username, I selected cleanaturalady so I wouldn't forget it.  The system wouldn't take it, but didn't give me an indication as to why.  I tried two other username choices.  Already taken.  On the fourth try it locked me out and I couldn't continue. I had to start all over. *sigh*  I did finally get signed up and took one survey.
The second one.  Surveyhead.com had a more user friendly sign-up page.  Once I signed up, I was told I could click a button to find out if there were any surveys that fit my profile.  Click it, I did.  I'll bet I tried five different surveys, all of which let me do about five pages worth of background questions, only to be told - Sorry, you don't qualify for this survey. Dude, really?  I did end up taking a couple of their surveys
Third on my list was ValuedOpinions.com.  This was the easiest one to sign up with and immediately start taking surveys.  Third time's a charm, I guess.  Or maybe I was just getting better at signing up for things and clicking boxes by that time.  Either way, it was pretty painless and I was automatically entered to win a free iPad.  What are my chances of actually winning an iPad?  I have no idea.  But theidea of winning an iPad makes me smile, so I guess their marketing strategy worked; on me at least.
Altogether I spent about an hour and a half signing up for all of these companies and I made about $8.  I am not sure if it was worth it or not, but I suppose it was better use of my time than making virtual dollars harvesting crops on Farmville, right?  Tomorrow, I am going to add either Adsense or  AmazonAssociates to my blog.  After that I may even start using Swag Bucks as my search engine.  Before I know it, I may be racking up $10 or more a DAY.  I simply don't know where I will spend it all. 
Wait.  Do I have to claim this on my income tax?