Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bebo Norman, "Pull Me Out"

I loved this song, Pull Me Out, by Bebo Norman the first time I heard it.  It reminded me that when I feel myself sinking into depression or I find myself in the midst of a panic attack, that I belong to God who will reach down and pull me out.  Isaiah 41:13 contains a promise from God that I need not fear depression and anxiety because he will reach down, take hold of my hand and help me.

He is always there to pull me out, or sometimes, just to walk beside me as I forge on and work my way back to the top.  Either way, I am not alone.  This promise comforts me greatly and I have clung to it many times in my life and my God has never failed to show up to honor His promise.

I didn't realize when I first heard the song that Bebo had written it in an anxious period of his own life.  When I ran across this particular video, in which he speaks of his experience and how the song came about, it gave me such a sense of peace that I was not alone in my struggle.  Not in a misery loves company sort of way, but in a way much bigger and much more important than that.  At that moment, I was able to see not that there are other people who struggle with anxiety in their lives, but that God is working not only in my life, but in theirs as well.  We are bound together not in our struggles but in the victory to overcome our struggles.  And that victory comes from the same source.

So, I am posting the video here in hopes that those who are down or anxious today stumble upon it and  understand that we are not alone.  We are not alone in our pain and we are not alone in our lives. God is always here, reaching down to pull us out.  It is up to us to look away from our problems long enough to look up and see His hand, grab hold and be lifted out.