Monday, July 28, 2008

Are you really who you think you are?

I went to a PTA seminar this weekend and enjoyed a workshop called "True Colors" It is a personality system by which people are categorized in to colors. It is interesting to see how people fit into the categories and how we ourselves measure up and interact in the world based on these tendencies. I am a Blue with Green. It is explained on their website that your primary color is your personality and your secondary is how you express your primary tendencies. They didn't say that in the workshop, so when I read that it made so much more sense to me. I was reading each category and flip flopping myself (and a friend) between two colors. Now I understand why. To me this is a situation where my primary color -- Blue is how I feel inside. My secondary color -- Green is how I problem solve and how others (most likely) perceive me.

The friend that went with me and I were trying to figure out each others colors and we were stumped as to why the other perceived us in a vastly different way than we sense our own personalities. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what color you are; there is room for and worth in each color. It doesn't mean I am less me if someone else sees me differently than I see myself. However, it was perplexing to see that sometimes who we truly are is not seen by those who are closest to us.

I believe that this is what makes us all such complex beings that really defy category and pigeonholing. It is nice to get some sense of what you are dealing with with those around you. Most especially our spouses, our children, our closest friends as well as our co-workers. It makes it easier to resolve conflicts if you consider that your Gold husband is going to want to create a plan of action to ameliorate the relationship problems that you, an emotional Blue have just poured out you heart to tell him about. It isn't a personal affront to you that he didn't also pour out his heart and tell you how he felt about the situation too. It is simply the way he is.

If you are interested in a free test to see what COLOR you are go to this website and take a test. It is really intriguing.