Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What turns you on?

The beauty and monstrosity of life is that everyone is different. It is beautiful because we can see the world through different eyes from time to time. The monstrosity is that it is either too complex or too much trouble to see things in a different light.

We need diversity in life to create a balance -- a yin and yang existence that keeps things in check. If everyone were just like me, then decisions would never get made because I am horrible at that and often waffle back and forth trying to decide even which shampoo to use in the shower each morning. Note to self -- don't' buy so many choices of shampoo. Then again if everyone in the world were like my husband, then there would be no spontaneity in life. No one would ever daydream or wool-gather as my Grandma used to call it. It takes all kinds -- the planners and the wool-gatherers of the world. Both can be visionaries.

It is sometimes so torturous to try to understand the mind of someone so different than myself. I struggle to understand what motivates them. What joy could they possibly get out of life by being so uptight? Of course what I view as uptight is rational to another. It puzzles my mind to comprehend that some are comforted so much by order and structure. I don't want to plan ahead, make lists and schedules, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. I like to wing it, throw it together at the last minute and hope for the best. It usually works out pretty well.

Nothing is more irritating to me than for someone to ask me what time I am going to arrive. That involves me planning how long it will take to get there, how much time I need to allow for the unexpected, etc, etc. Just tell me what time you want me there! I don't care! Now for the planners, my laissez faire attitude could cause hyperventilation. They want to know, so they can plan and when I am non-committal it is frustrating, I am sure. That is why they need to devise the plan and then tell me what time I need to be there. See how easy that is?

As frustrated as I get by the organizers, strategizers and planners of the world, I am sure that they are equally as perplexed by my creative mind. I am certain that at times I am viewed as disorganized, unmotivated and lax. Don't worry so much -- it will all work out. That is a mantra of mine. It does nothing to sooth the worried mind of my husband at times. He can't make sense of my cluttered existence. Never mind the fact that I am usually right and it does all work out in the end -- it still bewilders him. Just as I am bewildered by the seeming flat and spiritless way with which he tackles a project. Yawn! Where is the joy in that?

It does take all kinds, however, as I said before the daydreamers and the planners alike can be the visionaries of the world. Visionaries tackle the world, explore new frontiers and change things. How they arrive at their destination, can be quite strikingly dissimilar, but the outcome is the same -- making a difference.

We all just need to learn to be more mindful of the differences in motivation and character that we possess. It's what makes the world go round.