Monday, October 11, 2010

These are God's Words, Not Mine

I have nothing against fat people.  Really, I do not.  Some of my best friends are fat.  That does not mean I have to condone their lifestyle.  They should know how I feel about it and should avoid overeating in front of me.  Who cares if everyone else is enjoying a good meal in a restaurant?  Those people aren’t fat.  They are like me, so watching them enjoy their food is not repugnant to me.  Fat people should remember that they chose to be this way and they keep living a lifestyle that supports it (overeating, which equals gluttony).  

Oh, I still love them, you understand.  I just hate their sin.  Now, don’t get mad at me.  It is not I who says gluttony is a sin.  Those are God’s words.  Anyone who owns a bible or looks one up on the internet can look it up.  Proverbs 23:2 is clear.  Anyone given to gluttony should slit his own throat rather than live that kind of life.

Likewise, I have nothing against divorced people.  I have many friends who are divorced.  I cannot overlook their obvious sin, though.  They know how I feel about it too.  I do not want to see any books on coping with a parent’s divorce or any book that promotes the divorce agenda in my kids’ schools.  I am not ready for exposure, of my kids, to that kind of thing yet.  When I am ready to tell them about it, I will be very clear about what our values are on the subject.  I don't want them thinking it is okay to grow up and get divorced. 

We call sin, sin in our house; we do not sugarcoat the truth. If people feel hurt by the truth, then maybe they shouldn’t get divorced.  It is okay to feel like you need a divorce, as if you are living a lie inside your marriage because you don’t feel toward your spouse the way that everyone else seems to feel toward his or her spouse.  Yes, it is okay for you to want a divorce, but it is not okay to act on it.  It is better that you should live in a loveless marriage than to risk burning in hell for the sin of divorce.  Again, do not get mad at me, I didn’t say it, God did.  

The bible is clear on this issue. 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 says that a woman must no separate from her husband, and that a husband must not divorce his wife and Malachi 2:16 is clear that the Lord hates divorce.  That is what the bible says, so I cannot corrupt the text by my own interpretation.  I have to take it literally.

We really should not allow fat people and divorced people in the Christian ministry.  It would be as if we agreed with their lifestyle.  It is a slippery slope and would surely mark the beginning of the end of Christianity, as we know it.  

I mean, what is next, we allow dogs to be ministers?  We really should stand united on this issue.  I know a lot of you want to believe that gluttony and divorce are not sinful and I know that we all sin, but until these people turn away from their sin and either get skinny or reconcile with their spouse, we really cannot accept them into ministry, or as close friends/family members in many cases, lest they corrupt us or our children.  

They have to renounce their former lives and turn away from these sins of gluttony and divorce.  That is what the bible says. I'm not making this stuff up!

I hope by now, most of you have seen the ridiculousness of my words.  I don’t subscribe to any of it; by the way, I merely wrote it to prove a point.  All of the things I said about overweight people, and about divorce, I have heard said about homosexuals and their lifestyle.  It has been said by Christians who perhaps just need a wake-up call to how callous, cold-hearted judgmental those words sound.  

Why is it okay to say these things about homosexuals and not about gluttons and divorced people? (That was a rhetorical question).  It is not!  It is not okay for us to pick a sin that we find personally repugnant and point it out in this way.  We all live a life of sin.  From the day you and I started making choices, until the day we die, we live in sin.  We may not commit the same sin day after day, but we sin all the time.  

Sometimes the sin is just a thought and sometimes it is an action, but we all life a life of sin.  In addition, to pick out one [sin], and point to it as the downfall of society is just wrong.  To choose something we se as sin, that has to do with 'those people' and not ourselves is also wrong.  

It is not what Jesus would have done.  It is not what he exemplified, so it is not what we, as Christ’s followers should do.  Period.