Saturday, April 23, 2011

If you are a Christian, don't mention homosexuality

Something very odd happens when I mention the word homosexuality (or gay) in one of my blogs.  Mind you, it is not usually here on my blog itself, but on another website where I cross-post.  The blog post doesn't even have to be about homosexuality itself; the theme of the post could be any number of things from my left-wing views to compassion.  It doesn't matter what the original theme is.  If I mention homosexuality someone (or more) invariably gloms onto my non-judgmental stance on the subject and will call me out on it.  The whole of the rest of the blog is disregarded and the point is downright ignored, the focus goes solely to educating me on what the bible says about homosexuality.

From the moment they start to get into it with me, I already know exactly which scriptures they will quote to me and I can predict with a fair amount of accuracy exactly what they are going to say about the subject.  They will usually first tell me that we are to love the sinner and hate the sin and assert that they love everyone no matter what the circumstance.  BUT, and in this incidence, the but means - Now that I got what I was supposed to say out of the way, I am going to tell you how I really feel.  At this point they post the scriptures, they call my attention to the fact that gayness is an abomination, asserting to me that God is very clear about this and his hatred of sin, and by extension, homosexuality, they argue that it isn't in the natural order of things, etc., etc..

Without exception, this is how the arguments go.  It doesn't matter how many things I point out in the Bible that are equally as clear, if taken to literal extremes or how many scriptures about judgment and condemnation of judgment I quote, they don't hear me.  I can visualize a virtual garage door closing over their mind as they read what I write back and focus on their next response to me, which is basically just a more emphatic repeat of what they said previously, with a possible condemnation of my perceived heresy thrown in for good measure.

I will never understand the Christian fixation on homosexuality and I have finished arguing the subject with people.  Their minds are made up and all they see in me is some poor lost soul who hasn't latched on the the 'truth' yet.  They are petty and sanctimonious and I don't need that kind of aggravation in my life.  Heck, I'm not even gay.  I just dislike injustice and oppression. Within the Christian community, I can see no other way to view the way that gays are treated, except unjust and oppressed.

I believe in the deepest depths of my heart that this is NOT what Jesus would have his servants do.  He would not be party to injustice, prejudice and oppression.  It goes against everything he stood for in his ministry.  He stood up for the oppressed, disliked and unclean.  That is the essence of who he was.  Jesus' way is the brand of Christianity I choose to practice.  I don't care if a person I am talking to/about is gay, or homeless, or addicted to crack, or (insert whatever unclean situation that comes to your mind), I will treat them all the same way I would treat any other member of my Christian community.

I have met so many Christians who believe in the 'Love the sinner, hate the sin' credo who feel that they treat all people equally as well, but they are fooling no one but themselves.  Their actions speak so much louder than their pious words. They avert their eyes and perhaps mutter a 'hrmph' when they see a same sex couple walking toward them in the street.  They treat the transgendered visitor at their church a bit less cordially than they do the nice straight couple sitting across the aisle.  They raise a hand of objection if a lesbian congregant wants to teach a Sunday school class.  I could go on and on with the examples, but until the 'Love the sinner hate the sin' assemblage starts to put their words to action, they are but empty words.  Nothing could be farther from the example that Jesus set for us.

And lest I be called judgmental of the judgmental in my words, let me just say that I understand.  I really am trying my best not to have the same judgment in my heart for them that they have for the gays.  This is something God is continuing to work on in my heart.  I pray that he will be able to root out the bitterness I feel towards the oppressors and will help me to carve it out permanently.  I do believe he has begun a work in me.  I am closer than ever to having a clean heart towards my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who choose a different form of doctrinal expression than I.  Hopefully it will continue in this same way.  I know that God's love is boundless and his direction is sound.  I truly desire to be his servant.