Friday, December 2, 2011

Instrument of Peace or Weapon of Strife?

As a Christian, I often get frustrated this time of year because there is so much pushing, shoving, and downright rudeness all around. We get mad because someone bought the last great-deal sale item we wanted; we rush around trying to find the perfect Christmas card, all the while cursing the fact that we are obligated to send them at all since it's really not something we enjoy; we tap our foot in frustration because there are four people in front of us in the line at the store while three cash registers sit empty of cashiers; we argue with family members over gifts and decorations and wrapping paper; we loudly proclaim MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone we come in contact with because we don't go in for all that Politically Correct BS and we don't care who we offend by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS. No one is taking CHRIST out of our CHRSTmas, dagnabbit!

All of those things are kind of the opposite of the life of the man whose birth we are supposed to be celebrating. No kind of about it, those things are most definitely in direct opposition to the life and lessons of Jesus Christ. How on earth do we believe on one hand that Jesus came to the world to bring us grace, peace, love and mercy, and on the other hand extend none of those qualities to those around us? I don't think that's the point the verse about not letting the left hand know what the right hand's doing was trying to drive home. In fact I know it's not. One only has to read Matthew 6:2-4 for ones self to understand that. How does that celebrate His birth? How does it commemorate His life? It doesn't. If ever there was a case of  Christmas: You're Doing it Wrong, this is it.  So why do we do it year after year?

It is my prayer that not only in this Advent season, but throughout the whole year, I represent Christ (as I am supposed to do as a Christian) for who he was - an instrument of peace. I hope that all my fellow Christians will join me in opening my heart to the spirit of love and peace Jesus created in his life. That is his legacy, and we, his followers have an obligation to put our own selfish needs aside, in order to display to all we meet, Christ. Let's do it.

Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting,with strife. ~Proverbs 17:1