Thursday, January 5, 2012

Punctuation Junction

Punctuation. What's its function? It seems to me that people have lost sight of the function of punctuation. It is often overused, underused and worst of all, just plain unused a lot in Internet writing. This makes reading some posts really tricky.

Punctuation has a real purpose in writing and should never be left out, even in casual writing. At the very least a period at the end of the sentence is required. I can live without a comma, semi-colon and a colon, but I just can't live without a period.

If you don't used periods then people don't know where one thought stops and another begins it becomes almost impossible for them to understand the full message your words are to portray it also leaves the reader out of breath because a punctuation mark tells people where to pause because we can often read faster than our brains can process the words it is imperative that we take breaks in our reading this is one function that a period serves it gives our brain that moment to digest what we read I am not expecting perfection in every piece I read on the Internet but I think a period at the end of a sentence is not to much to ask

Now, if you made it through that last paragraph, congratulations. That was an example of what not to do in Internet (or elsewhere) writing. It is so hard to follow. Most people would  abandon reading it altogether.

 It doesn't take a lot of effort to put in a period once in a while. Every time you have completed a thought, just reach that right ring finger down and press one little key. That is all there is too it. Then you hit the space bar once or twice followed by a capital letter to start the next sentence and - Eureka! Your never-ending stream of words has gone from incomprehensible rambling to an actual paragraph that people will take the time to read. If you want to get all fancy you can add commas and semicolons, etc., but a period will be the most appreciated addition.

Please, for the love of all that is wordy in this world, don't forget the punctuation's function. The eyes of all who encounter your writing will thank you profusely