Monday, April 16, 2012

Let it Loose

I interrupt the usually serious topics on this blog, to bring you a public service announcement. This one is brought to you by the words lose and loose. Here they each are in a simple sentence:
  • I have several friends, myself included, who are trying to lose weight before bathing suit season hits.
  • I may have to let loose on the next person who asks me if I am ready for bathing suit season..
I hope this reminder, of the difference in the words, lose and loose, will help you the next time you are typing something about your weight loss goals.

 It is unseemly to loose your weight on unsuspecting people, Seriously, letting ones weight loose, is something that really shouldn't be done, even if it is in the only virtual/cyber world.. I know that most of us women, especially those of us who have hosted babies in our uterus, would love to let loose of some of the excess, but really, it is not polite to loose it in public. 

 I may lose my mind from all the extra weight everyone is letting loose around here. Please, lose the weight without subjecting us all to the trauma of loosed weight floating around.

Okay, I now return you to your regularly scheduled activities. Hopefully you are all out in your yards enjoying the Spring sunshine, getting ready for summer-- free of all that loosed (lost?) weight.