Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Christian's View on Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court

This will be my only post on this subject of the Supreme Court Ruling this week in favor of Hobby Lobby.  I understand it's a hot button issue and not everyone will agree with my assessment.  I accept that.  I accept it while I stand firmly by my position on the subject.
Fellow Christians, I ask you to stop and think about this objectively for a moment.

 The Supreme Court's ruling didn't constitute a WIN for Christians. The ruling established a precedent - that a company can make decisions about their employees right based on RELIGION. Not based solely on Christianity, folks - religion as a whole.

I have heard the phrase "slippery slope" mentioned in the context of legalizing gay marriage or marijuana This is their proverbial slippery slope in reverse, friends.

 It opens the door for any company, based on any religion, to impose their beliefs when making decisions for their employees. Think about it - all sorts of drugs could be excluded from employer subsidized insurance for their employees based on religious beliefs. Scientologists don't [believe in] antidepressants; Jehovah's Witness's don't [believe in] blood transfusions, just to name a couple. Where does it stop?

I find this disturbing that our rights as citizens can be dictated by our employers- with the government's seal of approval behind it.

 I'm sorry, as a Christian, I just cannot get on board with this.  I don't think it is in line with what Jesus would have done.