Thursday, June 25, 2009

Church Casts Out Evil Homosexual Spirit

I was at the gym today and happened to catch this report about a church in Connecticut that attempted to drive the 'evil spirit' of homosexuality out of a teenager in attendance at one of their church services (watch the video at the end). I was agog at the video to say the least, and was eager to hear what the Pastor of the church had to say about the situation when she was interviewed later in the segment.
The pastor Rev. Patricia McKinney has been reported as saying “We have nothing against homosexuals. I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.” In the interview on CNN the interviewer pressed her several times with the question 'Are gays allowed to join your church?' She finally answered by basically saying that they can come in to the building, but they have to be delivered from their homosexual spirit in order to actually join the church. Wow! I am so glad that Jesus didn't tell me I had to jump through hoops x, y and z before I could receive salvation from him and join with him in Christianity.

What a bunch of charlatans. These people dare to try to defend this type of thing by saying that the teen, who by the way they said was 18, but he's actually 16, asked them to do this to him. He came to them to be delivered of this evil spirit, McKinney said in the interview on CNN. I wouldn't doubt that he did, after these people condemned him and refused to accept him into their congregation unless he submitted to their torturous purification ritual. Are you kidding me? These people are trying to pin that rubbish on a 16 year old child!

I am completely outraged at this, as well should every person with a beating heart. This is not acceptable to me, nor does it square with my faith. Jesus would never condone this kind of absurdity, I feel quite certain.

I am so sick to death of the 'I don't hate you but I don't condone your lifestyle' mentality I could vomit. Hear this - WE ARE ALL LIVING A SINFUL LIFESTYLE. There is not one person who deserves to live forever with God. Not one. And anyone who professes to be a Christian, who excludes anyone else on the basis of sin, is a imposter (read hypocrite) of the worst variety. You know whom God will spew out? These types will be first.

I realize that some will accuse me of being judgmental with the words I have written, but at this point I don't care. I believe in this incidence a bit (or a lot) of righteous indignation and judgment is in order. Honestly!© KDV 2009