Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 11 -150 Day Challenge

Psalm 11
So what are we, as Christian believers to do when people are tearing at us from all directions?
We have all had times in our lives when everything and everyone seem to want to bring us down. There is an action in human behavior called leveling wherein to feel better about our lives we do one of two things - bring others down to our level or elevate ourselves to theirs. Too often we go the route of bringing others down to our level instead of finding ways to make our own lives better.
God does not enjoy watching his children argue and fight with malicious intent. He examines the intentions behind all of our actions. Sometimes we have to argue, since there are things worth fighting for. It is the intention behind the arguing that God is looking at. Are we arguing to fight oppression, bigotry, poverty, biblical ideology? Those are all important and seemingly righteous activities, but not all who fight for these things are doing so with pure intentions. Only God knows the actual intentions of a person's heart. He is the one who should appraise it.
Yes, in our faith we believe that there will come a time when judgments will be made - when everyone will have to give an account of their actions. Even though God already knows our hearts, he will assess them again at that time. It is not for us to say how and when this judgment will take place. There is no way of knowing the mind of God and trying to figure it out in human terms will always leave us frustrated and with unanswered questions.
Better we should just concentrate on ourselves and try to enhance them as we can. Taking refuge in our God and direction from Him is a good place to start. For us, as Christians, it is really the only place to start.