Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3 - 150 Day Challenge

Psalm 3
In this particular Psalm, David is fleeing from physical enemies and is trusting God to rescue him. It occurred to me while I was reading the passage, that it is from more than physical enemies that God can save us if we trust him to.
There are so many things that are considered to be enemies in our lives, things that seem to be closing in on us and are ready to destroy not only our faith, but also our very lives. One such enemy is grief. It can bog us down so much that we become lost in it, so overwhelming it can be.
Recently I had a friend who lost her husband to sudden and unexpected death. Then this past weekend an acquaintance lost a son in a tragic accident. I cannot imagine how these people are able to cope. How do they even function? It seems to me that even putting one foot in front of the other would be a daunting task. Going on with normal life would feel like a useless and futile mission. I am amazed at the strength that they have to go on.
I have never experienced such a loss in my life and I pray I will not, but if I do, I will have to find a way to cope. For me this would mean reliance on my faith. It would mean drawing deeply from a well that to me, as a Christian is bottomless. No matter how deep the pain and suffering, the well of strength is even deeper. The mercy and grace of my God is more powerful than the grief and sadness. It is hard to imagine that, but I have to believe that it is true.
I believe that God's mercy would allow me to go to sleep and night and wake up the next day - just to go on when all seems hopeless. Because as long as I have faith, there is no hopelessness.
I wanted to add a song to this journal but I can't find a video of it on You-tube. If you follow this link it will take you to John Waller's website, where you can hear the song Faith is Living it is number 3 on the music player there. While you are there take a listen to all the songs. You will surely be blessed by them.