Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's in a name.

It's fun sometimes to see what our names mean. When we were searching for baby names before our kids were born we poured over the baby name books. Not only was the sound of the name important, but what it meant was also sometimes a factor in our final choices. Does the name that you were given really bestow the meaning on to you though? Because my name means "ruler and chief" does that mean I took on those characteristics? My daughters middle name means "of the heavens" it is such a beautiful thought. We just had to give her that name because we already thought of her that way, a little bit of heaven sent down to us. When it comes down to it though, we are who we are for a variety of reasons, very little of which has to do with the moniker that was assigned to us.

The only one who has power in his name is God. All the names that he is known by, Emmanuel - God with us, Jehovah Rafe - The God who heals, Abba - Father (daddy), Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Mighty Lamb, just to name a few. Nothing has the power like his name. When we call on his name miracles can and have happened. Maybe nothing as spectacular as seas parting, but miracles happen every day all around us. A parking spot opens up in the front of the building on a rainy day when you are late. You discover a forgotten 10 dollar bill in the bottom of you purse the day before payday. Your friend's son has outgrown his bicycle. It is just right for your son who really wanted a bike, but the funds just weren't there in your account. Coincidences? Perhaps they can be explained away as that. I believe that it is the power of His name!