Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Simplest Way to Find Joy Daily

I'd love to say that I wake up every day with a song in my heart and happiness in my spirit, but I would be dishonest if I said I did. Sometimes the joy in life proves to illusively slip through my fingers.

Through trial, and very much error on my part, I have found that the best way to grasp hold of joy daily is to do a little something to bless the life of someone else.  

There is just something that happens when I step outside my own head [mood] for a moment, forget about trying to grasp the mercurial joy, and send it on to another person; not expecting anything in return.  That act provides an instant lift in my spirit and reminds me not to take my self so seriously.
~Romans 12:7-8New Century Version (NCV)
Anyone who has the gift of serving should serve. Anyone who has the gift of teaching should teach. Whoever has the gift of encouraging others should encourage. Whoever has the gift of giving to others should give freely. Anyone who has the gift of being a leader should try hard when he leads. Whoever has the gift of showing mercy to others should do so with joy.Photobucket